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Omkareshwara Temple

Located in Madikeri, Omkareshwara temple was built in 1820 by King Lingarajendra II as act of penance. The temple was built in the Muhammadan style of architecture consisting of a dome in center.

Its four corners are surrounded by four turrets. Near the entrance door of the temple, a linga has been installed. Another attractive architectural feature of the temple is the water tank in front, which is inhabited by various different varieties of fish.

Presenting a unique amalgamation of Gothic and Islamic architectural styles, Omkareshwara Temple is a sight worth exploring with our Coorg tour packages. Apart from seeking blessings of the Lord Shiva, tourists can admire its different style of architecture, which in some manners, is similar to a islamic Dargah as the temple consists of a huge dome in centre and four minarets that surround its four corners.

On the entrance door, you will find a copper plate on which the history of the temple has been inscribed. The windows of the temple consists of bars which are built with panchaloha. In between the window bars, alphabet ‘lim’ are placed.

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